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Johanna Dolan has a clear vision and a deep passion to support entrepreneurs to reach their goals. This vision and passion was borne out of her own personal struggles and triumphs over the years. She has experienced the lowest places one can get and has managed to climb back up (albeit with a stumble or two along the way).

Johanna realized in order to support others, she first needed to support herself. She had it ALL (or rather, what "general society" deemed "all" was in order to be happy). Somehow "all" was still very EMPTY. Johanna's journey to self-love, self-respect, love for others and a myriad of other really cool things, has brought her to a place to share with others that they can indeed have all they desire AND find true and abiding happiness with self and others.

In addition to bringing nearly two decades of personal experience as an entrepreneur and 14 years as a professional financial planner and trainer Johanna speaks very openly and candidly on issues ranging from addiction, dysfunctional relationships, finances, the effects of long term chronic illness on life and much, much more.

Johanna desires to teach entrepreneurs to change their lives through financial literacy and principle centered living through inspirational workshops, group and individual coaching that are designed to help YOU take flight to the successful life you have always dreamed of.