"I like to make sure that my clients are fully confident in their financial future when they choose me as their mortgage planner.  That's why I invite Johanna to speak about financial planning at my seminars.  She is articulate and knowledgeable about the products available to you and the financial needs of clients across all stages of life, whether they are fresh out of college or planning for retirement.  Her friendly and outgoing nature makes her a great presenter that I would recommend for any financial speaking engagement."

- Jake Smith, Mortgage Planner at Priority Financial

"Johanna has managed to help me and my husband restructure our budget so that we can keep great credit while living on just one salary while my husband has taken ill and is unable to work.  She is understanding, very knowledgeable in all aspects of her company, loves working with people, and yet has time for family and friends.  I consider myself a friend, not just a client of Johanna's.  I highly recommend her to anyone who needs or wants Financial Advice and or Training."

- Debbie Weishaar

"Johanna is a financial magician, the wonderful wizard of cash, a sorcerer of abundance. . .

Before working with Johanna, I consistently overdrew my bank account by the 9th of each month. I was clueless about budgets, money management, financial planning, and saving. I thought I couldn't afford to work with her. It turns out, I couldn't afford NOT to work with her! She has given me skills and tools for managing my personal and business finances. I have been consistently in the black for four months, have a savings account with money in it, and have been able to pay down several outstanding debts, make expensive vehicle repairs and plan a vacation all without working more than when I started and without borrowing a single cent!

Johanna has also walked me through creating a real business plan for my business which has helped me stay focused and attract new clients and more income. I can't think of a better investment to make than to hire Johanna to work her magic on your finances and your relationship to money.

She is nothing short of amazing!"

- Jennifer Tallman Magnuson, Owner/Photographer at Magnuson Photographic

"Johanna Dolan is an amazing financial planner. She and I have worked together both professional and personally, and I continue to be impressed for the care and concern that she shows for her clients. She is intimately familiar with all aspects of their lives, and works to create a network of professionals that can help her clients with any of their needs."

- Diana Denrich, owner at The Law Office of Diana B. Denrich, LLC

"Johanna helped us reduce our financial fears by taking an indepth look at all aspects of our business and personal finances. Knowledge is power and Johanna helped us get that power with her training and foresight in financial planning. She listened to both of us and helped us map out strategies that are still working today!"

- Christine Myles Hasbrouck, owner at The Grey Swan Inn Bed & Breakfast, Blackstone, VA

"Johanna and I have worked together in several capacities, including business partners. Having witnessed her client interactions both as the owner of Dolan & Associates and as a business plan co-author, I am constantly impressed by her tireless devotion to the success of her clients' businesses. The diligence, intuitiveness and focus she brings to each and every client is so refreshing - and so rare in today's world."

- Hillary Shaw, Owner at Single Chair Studio

"I really want to thank you for your help in finding a healthy activity (meditation) to center myself and keep me grounded. It really has been a game changer for me. So thank you again.

- Michael W.