Speaking for Education & Empowerment

Dolan Research Founder,  Johanna M. Dolan, teaches entrepreneurs, addicts, and survivors of long-term chronic illnesses how to change their lives by providing financial literacy and principle-centered living through inspirational workshops, group seminars, and keynote talks that are designed to help YOU take flight to the successful life you have always dreamed of.


Professional Training


We offer professional training opportunities through government, business, and community programs. Our training provides education, support, and workforce development for our community.  Join our email list to stay connected!


LGBTQ Cultural Awareness Training

These trainings are intended for professionals in contact with LGBT individuals. Since Marriage Equality life for the LGBT community has shifted in a more positive direction. However, shame, stigma, bullying, homophobia, bi-phobia, and trans-phobia still create barriers for many LGBT people to access and receive affirming care.

These workshops are designed to educate participants about LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) communities in order to become a better ally. Dolan Research also provides certification for individuals and organizations who are LGBTQ tolerant, friendly, or affirmative. 


CCAR/CCART Trainings and Certification


CCAR training aims to put a face on recovery and provide recovery support services. We also promote recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction through advocacy, education, and service. CCAR training strives to end discrimination surrounding addiction and recovery, open new doors and remove barriers to recovery, maintain and sustain recovery regardless of the pathway. 

Compassion Fatigue Prevention Training

“We have not been directly exposed to the trauma scene, but we hear the story told with such intensity, or we hear similar stories so often, or we have the gift and curse of extreme empathy and we suffer. We feel the feelings of our clients. We experience their fears. We dream their dreams. Eventually, we lose a certain spark of optimism, humor, and hope. We tire. We aren’t sick, but we aren’t ourselves.”
– C. Figley, 1995


Compassion Fatigue is not a new trend.  Mother Teresa understood Compassion Fatigue a long time ago.

She wrote in her plan to her superiors that it was MANDATORY for her nuns to take an entire year off from their duties every 4-5 years to allow them to heal from the effects of their caregiving work.

Studies confirm that caregivers play host to a high level of compassion fatigue. Day in, day out, workers struggle to function in caregiving environments that constantly present heart wrenching, emotional challenges. Affecting positive change in society, a mission so vital to those passionate about caring for others is perceived as elusive, if not impossible. This painful reality, coupled with first-hand knowledge of society's flagrant disregard for the safety and wellbeing of the feeble and frail, takes its toll on everyone from full time employees to part time volunteers. Eventually, negative attitudes prevail.

Compassion Fatigue symptoms are normal displays of chronic stress resulting from the caregiving work we choose to do. Leading traumatologist Eric Gentry suggests that people who are attracted to care giving often enter the field already compassion fatigue. A strong identification with helpless, suffering or traumatized people or animals is possibly the motive. It is common for such people to hail from a tradition of what Gentry labels: other-directed care giving. Simply put, these are people who were taught at an early age to care for the needs of others before caring for their own needs. Authentic, ongoing self-care practices are absent from their lives.

If you feel like you might be experiencing symptoms of compassion fatigue or if you want to prevent them, this workshop is for you.  Simple shifts will help to begin the journey back to balance and joy.  Don’t let the “cost of caring” take away from the life you deserve.


4-hour training and workshop


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