25 Ways To Build Self Reliance

Self-reliance is the ability to use your own powers, ideas, skills, and resources without the help of others. It’s a fundamental part of independence.

Increase your self-reliance with these ideas:

  1. Take responsibility.  One of the key features of self-reliance is taking responsibility for your actions and words. 
  2. Pass up the chance to blame others. Some things may be beyond your control. Instead of being a victim, leave the past behind and move forward in the best way you can with the situation as it is. 
  3. Stay informed. It’s easier to be self-reliant if you’re aware of the latest news and potential issues.
  4. Investigate solutions on your own. Spend time investigating how to solve the challenge on your own instead of immediately asking others for help and advice.
  5. Avoid expecting others to rescue you. Your family and friends may not always be around to save you.
  6. Look for opportunities to learn. You can build self-reliance by constantly seeking out new skills and activities that will provide learning experiences. 
  7. Be observant. Observation can provide valuable lessons about life. 
  8. Create goals. Goals help you narrow down your focus and give you the chance to work toward an idea that makes you more self-reliant. 
  9. Make your own decisions. Instead of allowing others to make your decision, investigate the pros and cons of your options, seek additional knowledge if necessary, and then choose the best option for you.
  10. Avoid expecting challenges to magically vanish. Challenges don’t usually disappear on their own. Instead of waiting for others to fix them, take the initiative to find solutions.
  11. Learn to manage your reputation. Avoid waiting for others to praise or criticize you. Instead, learn to manage your own reputation by admitting mistakes and sharing your successes. 
  12. Learn how to network. Networking can provide you with valuable ideas and suggestions, but it doesn’t make you dependent on others.
  13. Create a self-reliant mindset. Focus on your thoughts and banish the ones that stop you from taking responsibility.
  14. Manage your own finances. Your family members don’t want to pay your bills.
  15. Create something. Whether you make a drawing or cook dinner, the process of creation can boost your confidence and make your more self-reliant.
  16. Learn to entertain yourself. Find activities that keep you cheerful and occupied. 
  17. Steer clear of complaining. Instead, focus on the positive aspects around you.
  18. Avoid being needy. Instead, focus on gratitude and helping others.
  19. Handle your own chores. If you’re physically capable of handling your own chores, then use them as an opportunity to get exercise and become more self-reliant.
  20. Take on new challenges. Try new challenges and develop new skills. 
  21. Learn to be happy alone. You don’t have to rely on others to be happy. 
  22. Reject negative influences. Protect your developing self-reliance by declining anything that pushes you toward dependence. 
  23. Monitor your emotions. Recognize your feelings and choose appropriate responses without waiting for someone else to acknowledge them first. 
  24. Find internal motivation. Find things that inspire you to persevere despite challenges.
  25. Accept that change takes time. Becoming self-reliant is a process. Take one step at a time.

Practice these actions and you’ll no longer feel like a victim, blown back and forth by the storms of life. Increase your self-reliance and enjoy greater control over your future.

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