We stopped asking “What’s wrong with you?” of our clients years ago.  If you’re anything like the thousands of people our team has worked with over the years, you ask that question of yourself enough.  Isn’t it time that you started asking a better question? 

Imagine what would happen if next time you asked yourself a question it was, “What’s good about you?”.  You just might get an answer worth pursuing.


Recovering your power is the most badass thing you are ever going to do for yourself and/or your organization.  It doesn’t matter what you or someone else is recovering from –  the feelings of not being good enough or being too far down to get back up are universal for everyone.  Suffering is suffering – making a decision to end suffering is hands down the most badass thing you will ever do, and it lays the foundation for the rest of your life and the lives of others. 


Even if you feel that you have ruined your life or your organization can’t be improved, you can begin again.  The sooner your vision becomes your priority and you take the wheel in your hands, the sooner you will RISE to meet your goals. 

Let’s get real – starting over sucks. By investing into developing a strong foundation, a clear vision for the future, and the right strategies to fit your unique needs, you can start over stronger, so the rest of your life truly is the best of your life.

At Dolan Research International, we offer a myriad of services that help organizations and individuals reach their highest potential, and that helps them help others reach theirs. Each of our trainers are active coaches, giving them the skills and relevant experience needed to empower you to help others reach new heights. We offer several training programs and workshops to help you stop struggling to make a better life for yourself.  Whether you are seeking guidance in training and developing recovery care teams or seeking support in overcoming obstacles – we’ve got you covered.

Recovery Coach Training

The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© is a multi-day intensive training academy focusing on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs.  Provided in a retreat like environment, the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© prepares participants by helping them to actively listen, ask really good questions, and discover and manage their own stuff.

This training is approved for CPRS training hours through the MABPCB.

Recovery coaching as a peer-to-peer recovery support service has grown exponentially over the past few years. The issue of ethical considerations has been discussed in many circles, yet formal training has been lacking for recovery coaches. This 16-hour training addresses this critical need. Based on the widely used Ethical Guidelines for the Delivery of Peer-based Recovery Support Services by William White and PRO-ACT (2007), we designed this training to help coaches, and anyone else working in the peer role, to understand how critical it is to be ethically responsible. 

This training is approved for CPRS training hours through the MABPCB.

The purpose of this program is to help you, as a recovery coach, understand what spirituality is and how you would help someone in their own process of discovering spirituality. This two-day course will help you explore your own beliefs and values as it comes to spirituality. This training will provide you with the tools and resources needed as a recovery coach so you can speak about spirituality in a way that is accepting of others.

This training is approved for CPRS training hours through the MABPCB.

Recovery coaches are being recognized as having such a profound impact in recovery and as a result, many more organizations are looking to hire coaches. Coaches that can easily demonstrate a high level of professionalism may easily assimilate into these exciting new employment opportunities. This training will provide participants with the skills they need to effectively implement coaching best practices to empower those they serve to create lasting change.

This training is approved for CPRS training hours through the MABPCB.

Being inclusive requires intentionality and education.  This class will enable you to:

  1. Describe why it’s important to identify which recoverees are LGBT.
  2. Identify behaviors and processes that make your organization more welcoming to LGBT people.
  3. Imagine real world situations you may encounter in the future in order to think through and game plan different ways to handle the situation.
  4.  Feel more comfortable applying the knowledge you have gained during the course of the training in real-world situations.

safeTALK – Suicide Alertness For Everyone – is a half-day course that can help you make a difference. Learn to identify people with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources. This training prepares you to be a suicide alert helper by following the TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen and KeepSafe). These steps offer initial help in order to connect people having thoughts of suicide with more specialized support.

This training is approved for CPRS training hours through the MABPCB.

These trainings are intended for professionals in contact with LGBT individuals. Since Marriage Equality life for the LGBT community has shifted in a more positive direction and shame, stigma, bullying, homophobia, bi-phobia, and trans-phobia still create barriers for many LGBT people to access and receive affirming care, these trainings help diminish these barriers.

Each training is provided in a workshop fashion and is designed to educate participants about LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) communities to become a better ally. Dolan Research International also provides certification for individuals and organizations who are LGBTQ tolerant, friendly, or affirmative. 

This training has been approved for CEUs for Nurses, Counselors, and Law Enforcement

Compassion Fatigue is not a new trend as Mother Teresa understood Compassion Fatigue a long time ago. She wrote in her plan to her superiors that it was MANDATORY for her nuns to take an entire year off from their duties every 4-5 years to allow them to heal from the effects of their care-giving work.

If you feel like you might be experiencing symptoms of compassion fatigue or if you want to prevent them, this 4-hour training and workshop is for you.  Simple shifts will help to begin the journey back to balance and joy.  Don’t let the “cost of caring” take away from the life you deserve.


Dolan Research Founder,  Johanna M. Dolan, teaches entrepreneurs, addicts, and survivors of long-term chronic illnesses how to change their lives by providing financial literacy and principle-centered living through inspirational workshops, group seminars, and keynote talks that are designed to help YOU take flight to the successful life you have always dreamed of.

Some of the topics Johanna speaks about are:

  • Chronic Illness
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Financial Wellness
  • LGBTQ Cultural Awareness
  • Implementing Recovery Coaches and Peer Support Specialists in your business
  • Business Development
  • Suicide Awareness

Personal Development

This online course is a structured and foundational process of learning mindfulness-based techniques that can be personalized for use in real life situations.

This 8-week online course will train you in mindfulness meditation techniques that can help you to:

    • Reduce stress
    • Increase focus and mental clarity
    • Improve communication in relationships
    • Heal from trauma or depression
    • Manage difficult situations

If you’re in search of a comprehensive, science-based understanding of developing emotional intelligence with practical tools, and techniques to develop EI then look no further.

This 6-week online course will train you in emotional intelligence techniques that can help you to:

  • Understand emotions
  • Develop emotional awareness
  • Examine your beliefs about emotions
  • Increase your emotional knowledge
  • Express your emotions

Based on the AA beginner meetings of the 1940s, Back to Basics is a reenactment of those meetings where newcomers were taken through all 12 Steps in four one-hour sessions. Presented in one day, Back to Basics shows how easy and effective the 12 Steps are when taken the way the AA pioneers did. The workshop gets you to Step 12 as quickly as possible so you can have a Spiritual Awakening and carry this message to others.  Developed by Wally P.


The LGBTQ Recovery Group welcomes adults (age 18+) from all gender and sexual identities. This group is a safe, convenient, and confidential space where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning participants can discuss the challenges of living with addiction, learn sober skills, find resources, and establish recovery goals.

We offer recovery coaching, generalized life coaching, and coaching for LGBTQ persons.


As Peer Recovery Support Specialists use their experience to provide support to others in recovery, we help organizations determine the best way to incorporate Peer Recovery Specialists into their organization. 

In addition, we assist with developing and implementing organizational programs that coincide with Peer Recovery Specialists support.

As Recovery Coaches work to help those in recovery gain the skills and the confidence needed to successfully negotiate their new lives, we help organizations determine the best way to incorporate Recovery Coaching into their business.

In addition, we assist with developing and implementing organizational programs that coincide with Recovery Coaching.

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