Discover the Benefits of a Weekend Without Television

How much time do you spend watching television? According to recent research, adults between the ages of 35 and 50 watch over 33 hours of TV per week. That’s almost 5 hours per day. It’s fair to say that most people watch more television on the weekends than they do during the week. Think of all the things you could do with that time!

How much different would your life be if you spent those 5 hours each day working on something else? Consider the changes you could make to your health, social life, family life, and personal development.

Spend one weekend without TV and see what might happen:

  • You’ll be forced to investigate other interests. Watching television is often a default action. It’s what you do when you can’t find anything else to do. Invention is the mother of necessity. Without your default distraction, you’ll find other ways to entertain yourself. Maybe you’ll find something even more enjoyable. You’ll certainly find something more productive.
  • You can spend more time with your family. Instead of watching the ball game or Rocky for the 12th time, take your family to the park. Have a cookout in the backyard. Go camping. Take a weekend road trip. Or just sit together and talk.
  • You can improve your health. How would your health change if you dropped just 4 hours of television per week and spent that time exercising? This weekend is a great chance to get started on a new exercise program.
  • You can connect with other people. Instead of ordering a pizza and sitting in front of the TV on Saturday night, pick up the phone and call an old friend. Get out of the house and be around others.
  • You could read a book. Most people fail to read even one book per year. Imagine the advantage you’d have if you became a regular reader. If you don’t have the time or funds to visit India, you can read about it. Nearly every bit of information in the world can be found in a book.
  • It’s a great time to tackle a major project. Big projects are challenging to start. It’s a little easier to gravitate to the TV and stay there until there’s not enough time left to do any real work. Maybe next weekend. Turn off the television and you’ll have plenty of time to tackle a major project and get a great start.
  • You can spend time with yourself. Can you stand to sit with yourself for an hour? Television is a great distraction. There’s sound, moving pictures, and a compelling story. It’s a perfect way to distract yourself from your thoughts. If you’re stressed, your TV is one of your first stops.
  • You’ll have time to address your challenges. You could use your extra time to address the aspects of your life that make you unhappy. Watching TV solves nothing. Spend that time enhancing your life by facing your challenges head-on.
  • With effective action, you can change your life quickly.

If you usually spend your weekend watching television, consider unplugging for just one weekend. When you see how much more you can accomplish, you’ll be hooked.

Don’t let your TV habit limit your life.

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